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Wattle Range Men’s Support Network

On Tuesday the 11th of October, a group of men that were part of the Menswatch program in Millicent, got together to discuss what happens next.

Wattle Range Mens Support Network was the name chosen for the group and the aim is “Social and Emotional Well-being for Blokes”.

There was much discussion concerning what should be done to follow on from the training sessions. The main focus decided on was to get the message of men’s health and well-being out to all communities in Wattle Range, particularly mental health. There were lots of ideas put forward about how we could best communicate with target groups in our communities, such as using Facebook and Twitter or having information talks to sporting groups. There was also a lot of support for doing something locally during “Mens Week” next year.

A core group will get together each month to discuss ideas on how to best achieve the aims. The larger group will meet bi-monthly to arrange putting the ideas into practice.

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