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Operation NOMAD Fire Statistics last Fire danger Season:


Police issued last fire danger season statistics collected by NOMAD.from  1 November 2013 and 30 April 2014.

There were 736 fires:
– 57 (7.74%) were deliberate, 110 (14.95%) were suspicious, 28 (3.8%) were undetermined 541 (73.51%) were non-suspicious incidents.

Police submitted 48 apprehension reports related to NOMAD incidents (18 arrests and 30 reports).
– There were 46 people in total apprehended, with two being responsible for multiple offences, seven in total.
– Of the total, 21 people were apprehended for offences related to burn-offs, careless discarding of cigarette butts, light or maintain fire during a total fire ban or during the fire danger season, or other minor breaches of the Fire and Emergency Services Regulations and camp fires rather than deliberate or reckless acts to cause a bush fire or commit arson.
Of the other 25 apprehended persons their offences were deliberate or reckless acts such as throwing sparklers.
– Of those apprehended 15 (60%) were juveniles aged between 12 to 17 years.
– During the 13/14 Fire Danger Season, a total of 115 expiation notices (89 fines and 26 cautions) were issued.
– The majority of non-suspicious fire reports were due to farm machinery (15.1%) and lightning strikes (14.2%).

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Source: SAPOL

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