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Fourteen women dead in 8 weeks

by S Lowe 5THE FM’s newsonline wattlerangenow

Fourteen women have died at the hands of a current or former husband or partner in Australia, this year. That figure almost doubles the prior national average of one per week – 50 per year. Why didn’t they leave? Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty says it is partly because they don’t want to.

Rosie Batty paid the ultimate price, not with her life but with the life of her son Luke, killed by his abusive father at a cricket match; a public place where she said she thought they would be safe.
A woman in USA recently laid charges against her abusive husband, but when the judge was about to hand down a prison sentence to her husband, she withdrew charges because she didn’t want the father of her children to be in jail.
He killed her on the way home from the courtroom, dragged her into the backseat of the car and strangled her with the tie he wore to court; the tie he was wearing when she gave him another chance.
On Q & A this week Rosie Batty was asked why don’t women just leave.

She said – “because they don’t want to. They want the violence to stop but they don’t want to leave their children if they have no means to support them, they don’t want to leave their home and the life they thought they were going to have.”
They also fear retribution from their husband or partner, fearing that leaving will escalate the violence.

How can we stop this terrible crime?

As the White Ribbon Campaign organisers in Wattle Range, 5THE FM invites men to become Ambassadors so that over a generation, together, we may help make that change.

Change can only come with a change in all our attitudes.
The following article was posted by news.com and highlights the best place to start – with the behaviours our children witness. Children are like little sponges, they absorb everything around them.

NASCAR driver Brian Scott married Whitney Kay in January 2014. Kay had a daughter, Brielle, from a previous marriage.

Scott wrote a set of vows just for her, a symbol that he was becoming a dad as well as a husband.


“Brielle, can I tell you something? I promise to always hold your hand and skip with you down the street and bring comfort to your life,” said Scott, as he too struggled to hold himself together.
“I vow to make you say your prayers before you eat, I promise to read you stories at night and to always tuck you in real tight.
“I vow to show you how a man should treat a woman in my relationship with your mother. And above all else I vow to protect you, care for you and love you forever”

The Scotts live in North Carolina and have since had a son.

Full video of Scott’s vow to Brielle is on news.com for you to watch.

This vow made to all children, daughters and sons, is the change we are all asking for – more women and children could then live full and happy lives free from fear and danger and death.
White Ribbon is about eliminating violence against women.  Violence, including domestic violence, occurs in the reverse too; against men, and there is no place for either.

2014-11-24 10.03.10

White Ribbon Ambassador Ralph Domaschenz carrying 5THE FM’s White ribbon and 5THE FM’s Julianne McDuff with the flag, George Street Milicent

If you would like to become a White Ribbon Ambassador please call 5THE FM on 8733 4077 or call into the station at 31 Railway Tce Millicent Tuesday – Fridays during business hours.

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Bowling Club seeks community help locating stolen trailer

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline

The Millicent Bowling Club has been the victim of theft and burglary for the second time in several months. Last night, Tuesday 24th February, the Millicent Bowling Club shed was broken in to and the Club’s trailer was stolen. The shed had been locked.

The trailer is 8ft x 4th, is  galvanised and was purchased about 3 months ago by the club.

The previous theft was a bag of bottles and cans. The culprits were caught in this case.

The Club is seeking assistance from the community about the theft and welcome any information possible.

If you do have any information please call the Millicent Police Station on 8733 3622.