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New GP Anaethetist successfully recruited by Medical Clinic


Medical Clinic Millicent

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

In a letter to Country Health SA (CHSA) Stephen Ramsdall, the Medical Clinic Millicent advised they have engaged additional doctors and will be able to increase their commitment to the hospital depending on all Registrars receiving credentialing and full scope of practice from CHSA.  Included in this latest recruitment is GP Anaethetist Dr Caitlin Kerrigan who, in addition to general duties, could provide anaesthetic skills in potentially life saving emergencies.

Dr Caitlin Kerrigan, Dr Simon Tan, Dr  QY Teo are all new GP registrars at the Clinic and Dr Kerrigan has the additional qualifications of GP Anaethetist.

Spokesman for the Medical Clinic provided a copy of the letter to 5THE FM/wattlerangenow.

Thank you for your email dated Tuesday the 27th January 2015 regarding a new contract for  provision of on call services to Millicent District Hospital:

We have been successful in recruiting additional doctors, and find ourselves in the position where we are able to increase our commitment to the hospital: we are able to commit to covering the hospital medical services five days a week.

This would not include weekends or Public Holidays.  Obviously this offer would be dependent on all our current and future registrars receiving credentialing and full scope of practice .

An on call roster  for April/May/June could be available , at your request by Monday the 16th Feb. 2015 to enable you to organise locum cover for the remaining days .

As you are aware, Millicent is in desperate need of doctors with procedural skills, in particular, anaesthetics and obstetrics.  We have successfully recruited a GP anaesthetist and are relying on CHSA LHN  to honour its promise to support this doctor in securing anaesthetics lists in Millicent which will ensure her skills are maintained, benefiting the community in emergency situations requiring life saving assistance of an anaesthetist.”

5THE FM/wattlerangenow has closely followed the ongoing medical problems in rural South Australia, being at the forefront of the local campaign to save Hospital Services and the Public Meeting held in Millicent July 2013. Over 600 people attended the meeting to show their objection to the closure of obstetric services at the Millicent Hospital.

The Medical Clinic Millicent has received 4 letters from CHSA saying that the registrars credentialing and scope, is subject to the standard GP Agreement being signed no later than the 26th February 2015.

Spokesperson for the Medical Clinic Millicent said, contract negotiations with CHSA are continuing. The Clinic remains committed to the provision of care to patients in the Millicent Hospital.

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