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No hospital for new anaethetist at Millicent

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

5THEFM/wattlerangenow has received information that the new GP Anaethetist Dr Caitlin Kerrigan, may not be permitted to work in the Millicent Hospital.  Dr Kerrigan’s credentialing and scope of practice now depends on the GP’s supervisors, (Millicent GP’s) signing the CHSA standard GP contract by 25th February.

108 GP Registrars around South Australia have been informed they will receive their credentialing and scope of practice, if their GP supervisor signs the standard GP contract by 25th February, according to a statement by Rural Doctors Association South Australia today. (Friday)

The new Registrars at the Millicent Clinic are included in the 108 notified.

The Millicent Clinic has received 4 letters relevant to their Registrars.

The Medical Clinic Millicent announced earlier today, the clinic’s additional doctor numbers would increase their on-call hospital roster coverage but this increase is related to GP Registrars and not fully qualified doctors, so it would be a disaster if the Registrars are cut from the on-call roster at Millicent Hospital.

Rural Doctors Association South Australia Inc do not support the standard GP contract and released a statement earlier today to this effect. They have written to Health Minister Jack Snelling and are awaiting a reply to their concerns.

The full statement from RDASA was posted on wattlerangenow earlier today.http://wattlerangenow.com.au/2015/02/06/chaos-in-sa-country-


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