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Alternative site for proposed Dog off leash area in Millicent


Alternative site identified for proposed Dog Off Leash area in Millicent Council residents have the opportunity to make comment an alternative site which has been identified for the Designated Dog Off Leash area proposed in Millicent.
Following initial public consultation in May last year and the release of “Unleashed a Guide to Successful Dog Parks” by the Dog and Cat Management Board the Wattle Range Council has identified an alternative site for the Millicent Township.
The proposed site is situated toward the northern end of North Terrace and includes a 60 metre by 38 metre area adjacent to the former tennis clubrooms and croquet grounds.
Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Harriott said “the new site is ideally located, with good access to residential areas, adjacent to the town’s main public open spaces and with off street parking.”
Subject to budget provisions, Council would provide additional fencing and access points to the already partially fenced site and over time would provide appropriate pathways, ground surfaces and landscaping along with essential amenities such as drinking water fountains, bins, seating and signs (in accordance with the Dog and Cat Management
Board recommendations).
“Council recognises the community benefits of providing safe off leash areas that contribute to people’s quality of life. Dogs will benefit from the physical and mental activity of being off leash, as well as opportunities to socialise with other dogs in a safe environment. The area would also be a great for travellers and their dogs who embark
on a pet friendly holiday.” Mr Harriott added.
Further information on Councils proposal to establish off‐leash and dog free areas can be found on Councils website at http://www.wattlerange.sa.gov.au/animalmanagement
Council is seeking constructive public comment on aspects of the amended Millicent designated off leash area.
Written submissions should be addressed to the CEO, Mr Peter Harriott and should be submitted before the close on business on Wednesday 25 February 2015.
Submissions can be:
Posted to PO Box 27, Millicent SA 5280;
left at: ‘Civic Centre’, George Street, Millicent,  Beachport Visitor Information Centre, Millicent Road, Beachport, Penola Visitor Information Centre, 27 Arthur Street, Penola; or alternatively
emailed to council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au

Source: Wattle Range Council

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