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Rotary Youth Leadership Award Recipient

nikki lee and sign

Nikki Lee Lucas Rotary Leadership Award

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Millicent Rotary have selected 5THE FM volunteer Nikki-Lee Lucas for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award 2015. Nikki-Lee has volunteered at 5THE FM for 3 years producing and editing a variety of projects including 2 Radio Plays recorded in a collaborative partnership between the station and the Company of 7 theatre group .

Nikki-Lee’s relationship with 5THE FM began as a work experience student from Tennyson Woods College. She discovered a love for what goes on behind the scenes in broadcasting and continued working in the studio after school.

After finishing year 12, she decided to work for a year to save for University and also use this time to expand her skills in the Production Studio at 5THE FM.

Among the projects she completed during this time was a collection of Poems by Moira Neagle which was broadcast on 5THE FM and she began editing and producing two radio plays.


nikki lee and kathleen in prod

Nikki Lee Lucas and Kathleen Woods


Kathleen Woods, began volunteering at 5THE FM about 12 months ago and soon the production team of Nikki-Lee and Kathleen was born. They worked solidly over the following 12 months on the two plays 5THE FM and the Company of 7 had recorded; completing them just weeks before heading off to Adelaide to begin University.

They both showed commitment to the project which resulted in two fine pieces of work soon to be broadcast on 5THE FM in an OB fundraiser scenario. They also worked on recording and producing a series of Tales of a Shearer by Rhyce Smith, working with Phil Golding and friends.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award is a program for young people to develop their leadership skills to their full potential. It is a seminar held over 6 days by a professional team of RYLA leaders who have a passion for working with young people and seeing them develop to their full potential.

Nikki-Lee will attend the Seminar in April and will set goals for her future, develop her full potential and have fun with like minded young people. The aim of the seminar is to challenge youth, to grow and learn about themselves and increase their confidence in ways they never thought possible.

She will attend seminars on developing as a leader, issues in leadership, public speaking, goal setting, motivation, self confidence and esteem, career guidance and will attend a presentation dinner and concert at the end of the program.

Nikkie Lee will then return to address Millicent Rotary and share her experiences at the Leadership Seminar.

nikki lee and john

Nikki Lee Lucas and Rotarian John Buhlman


Rotarian John Buhlman was impressed with Nikki-Lee on meeting her saying, ” She is just what we are looking for. It is such a valuable experience for young people like Nikki-Lee.”

Mr Buhlman will arrange for Nikki-Lee to address Rotary before and after the program, to share her experiences with members.

Mr Buhlman said his granddaughter attend the Rotary Program and found it to be a positive life changing experience. He said Rotary’s aim with this program is to provide and effective training experience for youth, encourage leadership and publicly recognise young people who are giving service to their communities and is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Nikki-Lee expressed her gratitude to Rotary for the opportunity saying,”I am so excited, I have never been offered such an opportunity before, I can’t wait.”

Kathleen will study at Adelaide TAFE,  Certificate 3 in Live Production and Services for 1 year and then a Diploma in Live Production and Services for 3 years with the aim to become a Stage Manager. After spending 2 years with theatre group Ovation in Mt Gambier, Kathleen wanted to learn more about backstage elements of theatre including prop, actor and venue management and timing.

“I will certainly miss coming in each week,” Kathleen said, “I have really enjoyed being a part of 5THE FM.”

Nikki-Lee left for University in Adelaide last weekend to study Bachelor of Media Arts at the University of South Australia, a 3 year course divided into 2 sections, Digital Media and Film, TV and CGI. She hopes to gain a better understanding of the Media Industry and pave the way towards a career in film and television.

The two Millicent girls are now rooming together in student accommodation in Adelaide as they begin their University studies.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of 5THE M for the past 3 years and it has definitely helped me decide on a career in Media,” Nikki Lee said.”I’m actually very sad to leave and will miss the station a lot.”






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