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Biker Bootherstone Charms Library Audience


Marl Domaschenz and Linda Bootherstone

Marl Domaschenz and Linda Bootherstone

by Phil Golding for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Linda Bootherstone provided considerable colour and interest for Wednesday’s 30 member Millicent Library audience who listened to her tales of Oz motor-cycling with two female English friends in the late ‘60s.

Bitten by the Biker Bug as a teenager she was informative with her racing and touring detail and entertaining about the comraderie from her decades of riding. The audience included local motor bike enthusiasts who enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Linda also delighted in the sharing of their mutual affection.

The account of Ten Pound Immigration was appreciated by many of the former UK Immigrants present; as were the accounts of food, slang and gender behaviour at the time.
In contrast to Linda’s small travel fare, her BMW motor-bike cost 50 pound to ship to Oz.
The presentation included charming slides which had been digitalised after retrieval from an Adelaide Hills Barn where they were secreted for 30 years.

Linda made reference to motor-cycle trips in the USSR, Spain, Europe and Overland as well as the detail of her Australian itineraries.

No personal abuse was experienced in her touring adventures; she considered this related to her assertive and cheerful nature, as well as trusting her sense to get back on her bike if she felt uneasy. From more recent touring experiences she felt there was an increase in defensiveness towards road-side assistance than in her early riding years.

Linda now lives in Port Lincoln where she continues to write, compose and play music as well as practise visual art. Her two friends returned to the UK three decades ago.
The writing and promotion of “Three Wandering Poms” has reconnected her with many old acquaintances throughout Australia. Tantanoola’s Andy Scott met Linda at Margaret River in those early years.

Linda believes that Motor-Cycle Travel and Music are great cultural mediators; at the end of her presentation Linda well illustrated this point by singing her own tender folk song “Faraway Friends”.

Linda is performing at the Frances Folk Festival this weekend.


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