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Award for 5THE FM Chairman Boyd Groeneveld

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by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Millicent Solicitor Boyd Groeneveld has been recognized for his Outstanding Contribution to Millicent based community radio station 5THE FM – 107.7. He was presented with a plaque, honouring his commitment to the station on Friday 6th March.  5THE FM’s Board wished to publicly acknowledge Mr Groeneveld’s contribution to 5THE FM, Community Broadcasting and the wider community.

Boyd has contributed a lifetime of legal support to 5THE FM and is the longest-serving Chairman in the 21 year history of the station.

Boyd has been involved with the local community radio station since its inception. He wrote the constitution, provided legal support in the form of policies and procedures and was always available during difficult times. He served in the role of Chairman in its early years.

Almost a decade ago the station went through a particularly dark time. A destructive culture had developed; the station was facing almost certain closure and possible loss of its broadcasting license.

Using his legal knowledge and certainty of process he stepped in; saying, “5THE FM is too valuable a community asset to allow it to close.”

He re-established a new Board and installed a formal management structure; removing the destructive elements in the process.

He accepted the role of Chairman again 8 years ago.

He chaired the following AGM and with natural courtroom theatre advised the members of the station’s problems in prior months and asked them for a vote of approval for the new Boards processes in re-establishing the station. It was achieved and he remains in the role of Chairman today.

Boyd has always been modest about his part in the stations survival and revival, but his unwavering support has allowed the management to progress the station to the point of national recognition, earning the title of “Most Outstanding Small Station in the Nation 2012-13 in the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia national CBAA awards”  Finalist in 6 categories in the National CBAA Awards in the past 3 years, winner of “Most Outstanding Volunteer Contribution to Community Radio in Australia – Rebekah Lowe 2014,” and Duel International Lions Medal of Merit by Millicent Lions 2014 Sheryl and Rebekah Lowe.

Other achievements by station personnel include 5THE FM volunteer Terry Laucirica who was awarded Wattle Range Council Senior of the Year 2014 for her work at the station and in the wider new-migrant community.

Boyd became a White Ribbon Ambassador 6 years ago in support of  5THE FM’s campaign to eliminate violence against women and still supports this cause; joining other White Ribbon Ambassadors in November 2014 for the annual street walk.

He supported the 5THE FM led health campaign to save Millicent Hospital Obstetric Services in 2013. This 5THE FM initiative resulted in a Public Meeting attended by over 600 concerned residents, representatives from the Medical Clinic Millicent, Wattle Range Council, Bureaucrats and Government Ministers.

Boyd continues to support the on-going re-build of the station, being particularly pleased that the latest project is to convert the station to solar power; saying he commends Dennis Muhovics and Millicent Rotary for their support of this latest initiative of 5THE FM.

He is always proud of the 5THE FM’s achievements and is particularly pleased when recognition for what he terms, a valuable community asset, comes from local businesses and individuals in the community.

5THE FM Manager Sheryl Lowe said today, ” On behalf of the Board of 5THE FM; recognition of our Chairman Boyd Groeneveld and his commitment to his role at 5THE FM is well deserved and long overdue. We are proud to publicly acknowledge Boyd with this award.”


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5THE FM Chairman and White Ribbon Ambassador and Solicitor Boyd Groeneveld and White Ribbon Ambassador Phil Golding at the 5THE FM annual WR Day event November 25th 2014







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  1. Congratulations Boyd, an award well deserved. Joanne Kegel