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A Passion for Creativity Explored.

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Creative Journey workshop 2

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A weekend Workshop exploring the theme ‘ My Creative Journey ‘ was held in Mount Gambier recently with great success. Presented by Millicent artist Peter Dunn, it was attended by eight participants at The Old Stables venue, a heritage listed building in Suttontown Avenue. Participants were from a variety of creative backgrounds and came from both Port Fairy in Victoria as well as various local towns. The workshop was supported by the South East Arts Society as part of its ongoing use of The Old Stables venue to promote workshops and classes of interest to many in the region.
With a background in both the helping professions and the creative arts Peter reports that his passion is in guiding people to explore and fulfill their creative potential.
” So much of our world relies on imaginative and creative ideas being used in all fields, and yet we haven’t learnt very well to date how to encourage people to embrace this side of themselves. In the workshop just given and in future ventures I plan to promote the use of our intuitive side being given just as much credit as the intellectual side of us. When both of these areas work together in harmony we truly do begin to express our full potential “.
” The world of the internet has further opened up ways in which we can learn such information. There is no substitute however for what happens when people come together face to face and experience each others ideas and creative energies at work. The weekend workshop showed me yet again how much we need mutual encouragement and the presence of others who understand us as creative people in order to stay true to ourselves even when obstacles come along.
As a presenter of this positive message it is wonderful to see first hand, people overcoming their doubts and hesitations even over the space of one weekend and to see them leave with a renewed sense of purpose. ”


Creative Journey workshop 3

( left to right ) Kirsten Johnston, Dave Staniforth, Peter Dunn and Annette Baulch .

 Photos provided by Peter Dunn

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  1. Peter Dunn’s few words sum up what is wrong with education on all levels today. I’m sure he must be an inspiration to all who attend the workshops.