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Almost 5 million tune in each week !

5 million listeners stat image

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia released the latest statistics today showing that almost 5 million tune in each week. These statistics reflect the Australian public’s ongoing engagement with and support for community radio as a vital part of the Australian media landscape.

Key numbers include:

  • 1 in 4 Australians tune into community radio each week – that’s almost 5 million people.
  • 94% of community radio listeners find community radio and its services to the Australian community valuable.
  • The top reasons that people listen to community radio are for local information and news and specialist music.
  • In profiling listeners, 54% are men, 46% are women. More than 50% of listeners are ages between 25 – 49 years, with a third aged 55+ years.
  • Across the country, metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas have the same level of listening (26%).
  • A third of people who regularly speak a language other than English in their home listen to community radio.

Source: SAPOL




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