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Economic Development Draft available for comment

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Wattle Range Council Director of Economic Development Services, Edward Scanlon, presented the draft of the Economic Development plan for the region to the Millicent Business Community Association (MBCA) last night Tuesday 5th May at the Annual General Meeting. His presentation included a brief but informative overview of what council believes is the way forward to guarantee the future of and the development of stable growth in business and employment. Mr Scanlon emphasized that home based businesses and micro businesses are important to the local economy and support for these is a focus of council.

The following is an excerpt from the document which is available in hard copy from the council or by logging onto the council website.

The framework for this strategy will align with five key determinants of long-term regional economic growth.
The five key determinants have been identified as:
1. Human capital: Key strategies will include:
• Education of our people, businesses and community.
• Strengthening training and employment opportunities for all .
• Building resilience.

2. Sustainable communities and population growth:  Key strategies will include:
• Strengthening communities, infrastructure and developing safe environments.
• Building in and empowering local networks in the community.
• Creating partnerships between organisations, volunteers and community groups.

3. Access to international, nations and regional markets: Key strategies will include:
• Improving access to new markets.
• Developing sustainable food and resource levels
• Investigating and driving investment opportunities in value adding
• Developing cluster and network opportunities for business and Industry.

4. Comparative advantage and business competitiveness: Key strategies will include:
• Examine the feasibility of a Business Incubator within the Council regions
• Develop strong business to Council links with data collection, information sharing and providing access to business advisory services
• Assist in strengthening businesses, tourism and events opportunities.
• The development of Inward investment attraction polices and strategies.

5. Effective cross-sectoral and intergovernmental partnerships: Key strategies will include:
• Developing Community plans for each area within Council
• Review planning rules including a review of Council planning policy and zoning
• Develop a Regional Infrastructure Plan
• Review of the Home based business policy of Council
• Advocate for infrastructure grant funding from State and Australian Government levels

Mr Scanlon encouraged the MBCA members and all members of the wider community to view the draft copy and said the council invites community suggestions. Hard copies are available at council  or go to the council website to view. http://www.wattlerangecoucil.sa.gov.au


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