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Scam callers targeting Limestone Coast residents


South Australia Police (SAPOL) are urging residents to be wary of callers claiming to represent the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), following multiple reports of an apparent scam.

Earlier this week SA Police issued an alert after becoming aware that residents in the Millicent area had been targeted by the scammers.

This morning a large number of residents in Mt Gambier and the surrounding area have received a similar phone message containing a claim they owe money to the ATO.

Today’s messages have claimed the recipent owns money and their bank accounts will be cleared unless they call a specific number.

Calls earlier in the week typically demanded money – often about $3,000 – and threaten to contact Police unless immediate payment was made.

Last month SCAMWatch issued an alert warning the community to be aware of calls from scammers falsely claiming to be from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) or Australian Tax Office (ATO).

If in doubt, don’t use the contact details provided – look up the government department or organisation yourself in the phone book or online and phone or email them.

Police are encouraging residents to spread the word, and discuss this scam with family, friends and workmates who may be less technologically-savvy about this kind of offending.

Don’t forget, you can report suspected scams to SCAMwatch (the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) via this form.

If you have incurred a financial loss resulting from a scam, you can also report via The ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network).

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