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Special Mother’s Day event this Sunday



Guest Dawn Williams at 5THE FM with Rebekah on the morning program


by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Rendelsham couple Dawn and Arnold Williams are no strangers to tragedy and grief having lost both their children in separate road accidents. Dawn has always maintained while every day is difficult after experiencing the loss of a child;  it is the special days that are almost impossible to deal with.  This year Dawn is holding a Special Event on Mothers Day for all those who have lost a child or any family member and want to remember their loved one in a special way by sharing memories with others.

Dawn and Arnold’s daughter Leanne was just 19 when she died in a road accident and then then 15 years later,  their son John  36 died in a road accident 7 years ago.  Both tragedies were different Dawn said this week on 5THE FM. Leanne had just become of an age where we were friends. The hard yards of bringing up a child were behind us and our parenting efforts had paid off.  When John died he left behind two children and two step children who all suffered their loss differently because of their ages ranging from 4 to 19 years of age.

“To lose a child is terrible but to lose two is almost impossible to comprehend, it was harrowing,” Dawn said. “It’s a day by day thing, we take comfort in the beauty of nature around us, we still have bad days though and always will. We can’t look behind or ahead, we just deal with it day by day.”

“I have often felt like as a parent I have past my used by date because I have no one to mother, but the most important thing has been to find peace with in myself, but it’s a long process.”

“I had to learn how to live again, not just survive and this only came after I went through all the many stages of grief, often feeling isolated.”

If you have lost someone dear to you, Dawn invites you to attend a morning with her and others, bring a photo or photos, share memories and release a balloon in memory of your loved one.

This special event will be held at the Balcony Cafe in George Street Millicent at 10-00 am.

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