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Wildlife Warriors

Children of the Gladys Smith Early Learning Centre’s Emu Room show their community spirit by
helping those in need.
The story starts back in January this year when Susan (Educator) found a baby possum in her back
yard and bought it in to show the children. The children were fascinated by the tiny creature and
keen to learn more. They explored the story of ‘Possum Magic’ by Mem Fox and celebrated their
learning by holding an Australia Day afternoon tea. Later they invited Simone from the Wildlife
Rescue Group to find out more about the baby animals she cares for.
Simone visited the children a number of times over the next couple of months, bringing a variety
of baby animals including; wallabies, a kangaroo, a sugar glider and possums too. The children
asked many questions and learned about orphaned animals, their habitats, how to care for them
and what the Wildlife Rescue Group is all about.
Their enthusiasm for the baby animals made them wonder how they could help. After putting
ideas forward and consulting with Simone they decided to recycle old blankets from the Centre’s
sleep‐room to make new pouches to keep the babies warm. The children also decided to raise
funds by holding a pyjama day at the Centre.
‘This project has strengthened the children’s understanding of the importance of helping those in
need and appreciating other living creatures’.
(Naomi‐ Educator)
Along with being a fun day for the whole Centre the Emu Room children raised almost $60. With
a trip to the Millicent Vet Clinic bottles, teats and special milk powder were purchased. On the
24th April the children invited Simone back to the Centre to present her and the baby animals
with the new pouches and other items. Simone was most grateful.
‘The Wildlife Rescue Group relies on volunteers and receives no funding, so every contribution we
receive goes a long way to saving our local wildlife’
(Simone – Wildlife Rescue Group)
The Emu Room will keep in touch with Simone as she continues to visit the Centre with her
rescued animals. Any further donations towards this cause can be made to the Emu Room at the
Gladys Smith Early Learning Centre or by phoning Simone at the Wildlife Rescue group on 0427
396 919.



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