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Self-assessment for older drivers

Minister for Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said today car drivers aged 75 and older who do not have a pre-existing medical condition will now only need to complete a self-assessment form to determine their fitness to drive. Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said the requirement to complete the form was put in place after the removal of mandatory medical testing.

“The Government made an election promise to end mandatory medical testing for older drivers and the new form that commitment,” Mr Piccolo said.

“The self-assessment will enable older drivers to think about their health and how it may impact on their ability to drive safely without the requirement to visit a doctor

“The forms will start being sent from today and when completed can be returned in person or posted to any Service SA Customer Service Centre or may also be lodged online via EzyReg if there is no medical condition to declare.”

South Australian’s who are aged 75 years or more, only hold a car driver’s licence and do not already have a medical condition recorded against their driver’s licence will receive the new form.

All drivers, regardless of age, are required by law to report any medical condition that could affect their ability to drive safely and those who currently have a medical condition are also required to undergo regular medical assessments, regardless of their age.

Motorists of other vehicles other than a car will still be required to undergo an annual medical assessment from the age of 70 years.

Mr Piccolo said the form had been created in consultation with the Australian Medical Association, Centre for Automotive Safety Research and older driver focus groups.

“The self-assessment requires the driver to answer 11 questions to demonstrate their fitness to drive,” he said.

“We want people to answer honestly and consult a doctor immediately if the form indicates they may have a condition which restricts their ability to drive.

“Health professionals are still required to notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles if a patient suffers a medical condition that could affect their ability to drive safely.”

“Doctors may also recommend a practical driving test to confirm that a patient is fit to drive.”

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