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Sandy Walshaw a winner in the Employee of the Year Award


Employee of the Year winner Sandy Walshaw

by S  Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Sandy Walshaw manager of The Millicent & District Community Club received the MBCA  Employee of the Year Award. The category  attracted a record 42 nominations and from a wide variety of industries. The high quality of the nominations was evident but this one stood out because there was tangible evidence that the business had seen marked improvements in many areas because of Ms Walshaw’s contribution. Ms Walshaw received the MBCA trophy and $100-00 voucher.

Over 12 months Sandy has driven change, willingly and successfully. She has been part of the restructure of the Club, has worked with the Board to help bring about that change and the continued improvement. She loves the customers and often attends special events just to make sure that all goes well for the customer.

Nominees in this award were:- Bianca Thomas – Kutz on Kentish, Anne Hughes – Australia Post Millicent, Belinda Mee – Kutz on Kentish, Pat Reilly – La Fromelle, Leandra Worrell – The Grand Hotel, Jessie Gregetic – Jaffle King & Carvery, Vicky Grant – Laura & Vicky Hair Designers, Michelle Skeer – Malseed Real Estate, Sonja Shoebinger – Acky’s Delli, Tina Smith – Millicent Chemist & Giftware, Ruby Miranda – Pierina’s Hair & Body Concept, Melissa Patzel – Millicent Real Estate, Michael Renehan – The Balcony Cafe, Karen Hately – Foster’s Foodland PL, Sharon Janek – Salt & Pepper Seafood, Kat Hicks – Somerset Hotel, Rosie Harvey – Millicent Veterinary Clinic, Jan Sargeant – Millicent Veterinary Clinic, Nicole Skeer – Millicent Chemist & Giftware, Angela Osborne – Heaven on a Hanger, Jenz Telfer – Woolworths Millicent, Casey Merrett – Denton Sportspower, Jess Bowman – Shearer’s Cook Cafe, Jenni Fuller – Alternate Life Health & Wellbeing Centre, Colleen Stewart – Java Cafe, Ben Sims – South West Freight, Trevor Stevens – South West Freight, Dr Libby Varcoe – Millicent Veterinary Clinic, David Foster – Foster’s Foodland PL, Mandy Scanlon – IGA Millicent, Sally Gregurke – Millicent & District Hospital, Sandy Walshaw – Millicent * District Community Club, Kristy Bromley – Somerset Hotel, Michael Cavanagh – Foster;s Foodland PL, Elizabeth Wallis – Millicent Chemist & Giftware, Laura Renehan – The Balcony Cafe, Kalli Quinlan – The Balcony Cafe, Fred Smith – SE Times, Deb Gurney – K & S Caltex Service Station, Faye Smith – Caltex Service Station, Julia Gibbs – Millicent Florist, Gayle Lloyd – In-Store



Heaven on Hanger retail winner in the MBCA Awards


Heaven on a Hanger Lisa McCourt won the Retail Industry Award


by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

HEAVEN ON A HANGER won the retail category, at the MBCA Awards ceremony Saturday, receiving a trophy from the MBCA and an advertising package of $400-00. The South Eastern Times and 5 THE FM each contributing $200-00.
The Retail category attracted a wide variety of businesses and after lengthy consideration the panel said one business stood out with a proven growth record over 10 years. Beginning with just an idea and a desire to make sure Millicent didn’t lose another business…. the winning business has expanded since then, needing to move to larger premises several years ago and has made a valuable contribution to the retail industry in Millicent and districts as was evident by the nominations. Heaven on a Hanger is a strong supporter of the community  and the business community. Owner of Heaven on a Hanger, Lisa McCourt offers the latest in fashion for all women and accepted the award saying she was surprised and grateful for the recognition but believed all nominees were worthy of the award and were winners anyway. Heaven on a Hanger provides Day wear, evening wear and even underwear.


Nominees were:- Banner Mitre 10, Millicent Chemist, Tony Egan’s Mensland, Absolutely Anything, In-Store, Target Country Millicent, Heaven on a Hanger, Sassi Gifts and Homewares, Fosters Foodland PL, Millicent Toy Kingdom, Alternate Life Health & Wellbeing Centre, K&S Ampol – Caltex, Andy’s Bakery, McCourts Garden Centre and

New Heaven Indian Restaurant a winner in the MBCA Service Category

new heaven

New Heaven Indian Restaurant won the Service Industry Award

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The MBCA Outstanding Business Award The Service Industry was won by   NEW HEAVEN INDIAN RESTAURANT,  receiving a trophy from the MBCA and an advertising package of $400-00. The South Eastern Times and 5 THE FM each contributing $200-00. The Service Industry Category this year included a wide variety of businesses and all were again worthy winners the panel said.

This is the second time New Heaven Restaurant has won this category, taking out the title last year just a few months after opening in Millicent. New Heaven has been a welcome addition to the cuisine of Millicent and their service extends to all customers. A four year old’s birthday celebrated at the restaurant recently included a cake, a sparkler for the table and happy birthday played through out the restaurant speakers system. Included in the service were warmed towels to sponge off the chocolate cake.

On receiving the award,  Sukchain Singh thanked the community for supporting he and his wife since their opening in Millicent and said because of that support they are now able to plan a second restaurant which will open in Mt Gambier later this year.  He assured everyone they have made Millicent home and intend to stay because of the wonderful support and friendship they have received.

Nominees were:- South West Freight, Salt & Pepper Seafood, Shearers Cook Cafe, Millicent & District Community Club, Enchanted Beauty by Brianna, Pierina’s Body & Beauty Concept, Courtyard Espresso & Kitchen. Lynne Evans Remedial Massage, Millicent Veterinary Clinic, Mystique Body & Beauty, New Heaven Restaurant, Chris Barber Shop, People’s Choice Credit Union, Somerset Hotel, The Balcony Cafe