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Council seeks answers to hospital services


'Save our Health Services' public meeting

‘Save our Health Services’ public meeting 2 years ago File photo WRN

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Mayor Peter Gandolfi told 5THE FM today he was pleased the notice of motion tabled by Cr Drew at last nights council meeting,regarding Millicent hospital services, was passed unanimously. Mr Gandolfi said council has been concerned about the reduction in services at the Millicent Hospital; in particular in recent times the loss of obstetric services. Referring to the anaethetist currently employed at the Medical Clinic Millicent, unable to practice at the Millicent Hospital, he said having an anaethetist based in the Millicent Hospital would go a long way in supporting the return of obstetric services.

Mr Gandolfi said council would seek answers to the hospital service losses by inviting Regional Director South East Health Service Jayne Downs to address the next council meeting on matters of obstetric services, palliative care and anaesthetics at the Millicent Hospital.

The Medical Clinic Millicent responded to the notice of motion today providing the following statement to 5THE FM/wattlerangenow:-

“The Partners of The Medical Clinic Millicent support the notice of motion that Cr John Drew made at the Wattle Range Council meeting on 11/8/15. Along with the community we look forward to a response from Ms Downs about the future for palliative care services in our region. Also the reason that a qualified anaesthetist residing in Millicent is not able to gain credentialing and scope to work in the Millicent and District Hospital. Furthermore, we wish to seek assurance from Country Health SA that if, in the future we are successful in recruiting additional GPs with obstetrics or anaesthetic skills, they will allow those services to resume in Millicent and will allocate the necessary budget for that to happen. This was initially promised by Country Health SA at the Public Meeting held in Millicent in 2013. “

The Public Meeting held in Millicent 2 years ago was attended by 650 members of the community concerned  the ongoing reduction of hospital services would now include obstetric services. The  loss of chemotherapy, mental health, physiotherapy, dialysis, and gastroenterology along with reduction in staffing levels and the impact it would have on the level of care available in the region was discussed

Full coverage of the Public Meeting is on the following link:- http://wattlerangenow.com.au/2013/08/06/a-comprehensiv…public-meeting/

Mr Gandolfi said today the recent emergency birth at the Millicent Hospital for Reedy Creek couple Josh and Madeline Hancock highlighted the matter. The young couple’s second son Beau was born just minutes after arriving at the Millicent Hospital after an emergency detour. They were booked into the Mt Gambier Hospital but the birth progressed quickly and they were faced with, what they say would have been a roadside birth, if Medical Clinic Millicent Obstetrician Dr James Bushell had not been available to put emergency plans in place at the Millicent Hospital, delivering the baby minutes after their arrival, following their distressing high speed dash for help.  Reedy Creek is approximately 140 k from Mt Gambier and 90k from Millicent.

Ms Downs was interviewed on the ABC SE SA this week and said couples could avoid emergencies by planning to leave early or re-locate. She also said the hospital is equipped to handle such emergencies.

See Josh and Madeline’s full story on the following link. http://wattlerangenow.com.au/2015/08/02/baby-born-at-m…ergency-detour/

Beau 1

Beau was born just minutes after an emergency detour to the Millicent Hospital


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