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Member for MacKillop calls on Country Health SA to be upfront

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Mitch Williams

Member for MacKillop Mitch Williams


by S Lowe 5THE FM’s newsonline wattlerangenow

Member for MacKillop Mitch Williams told 5THE FM today Country Health SA should be upfront with the community and tell them the real reasons behind the decisions they make with regional health.  He said he doubts the reasons given behind the Naracoorte GP’s lock-out from the Naracoorte Hospital. Mr Williams  said, “If they (Country Health SA) were acting in good faith they would have allowed the existing contract between CHSA and the Kincraig Medical Clinic to roll over until an agreement had been reached. “

“This,” he said, “would have allowed important services to continue at the Naracoorte Hospital and surely this should be their priority.”

Mr Williams said he believed there is another agenda but what is that he asks?

“What are the reasons behind these decisions?”

Mr Williams said further evidence of his questioning Country Health’s processes occurred in his own home town of Millicent.  Country Health SA closed obstetrics at the Millicent Hospital saying there was not enough obstetricians and anaethetists to keep the service but there is an anaethetist in Millicent now, recruited by the Medical Clinic, who is not allowed to practice at the hospital. So what really is their agenda he said.

Mr Williams said he has watched services at the Millicent Hospital  significantly reduced in past years and would like CHSA to be honest with the community about the future of their medical care.

People depend on the Naracoorte Hospital he said. The Naracoorte/Bordertown and surrounding area is a young and growing area and they need services.

“I seriously question Country Health SA’s agenda”

“I look around my electorate and see services consistently being diminished.”

“Former MP John Hill took the funding away from the Keith Hospital and although it has been restored in later years, that decision put the people of Keith through hell and a whole lot of local personal money went towards saving that hospital. They sold off a lot to raise money but it was the local people that saved the hospital.

These decisions are all political, he said.

“If it is a matter of cutting funding, CHSA should be honest with the community and let them respond accordingly.”


One thought on “Member for MacKillop calls on Country Health SA to be upfront

  1. My parents are both in the local aged facility run by sa health and i have noticed over time since the first one became a resident a reduction in staffing, level of care. The workers do their best with what is on offer but aged care is expensive for families and we have the right to expect a high level of care for our parents in their old age. I feel that the ratio of carers to residents should be similar to those in childcare centres but i am sure the state government is never going to fund that.