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Thieves strike at the heart of community

posted by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Fury, FURY at 5THE FM Saturday morning. Some low-life stole our box hedges from our garden. We planted these almost 9  years ago to create at 107.7 in our garden for town and station pride. If you see anyone with an instant box hedge in their garden, ask them where they got them from.

‘We are not happy, not happy one bit.’

It appears they were taken from the garden, carried through the station grounds to the carpark adjacent,  where supposedly they were put into a vehicle through out the night of Friday 30th October.

This garden represented many hours of volunteer labour to pay for the original plants, volunteer labour that prepared the garden and planted the box hedge, volunteer labour that tended to them, coaxed them into a flourishing hedge over many years and more recently our new team of WFD participants who have proudly adopted the garden as their own and taken great pride in their immaculate presentation of this space for us and for this community as a whole.

‘Hurt yes, but still standing proud – something, you who took them, cannot do!’


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