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Country Health SA announces future of opthalmology services in South East


Country Health SA today announced the future of opthalmology for South East patients after a process of expressions of interest.

Country Health SA has selected local ophthalmologist Dr Michael Bailey as the preferred provider of cataract surgery for the South East.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Country Health SA, Rebecca Graham, said Dr Bailey has been offered a contract to provide services in the South East over the next five years.

“In July we put out a request for proposals for the provision of ophthalmology services in the South East,” Ms Graham said.

“We had a number of strong applications, but the panel has decided to offer Dr Bailey a contract to deliver ophthalmology surgery at the Mount Gambier and District Health Service.

“Dr Bailey is a long-standing resident of Mount Gambier, having lived and worked there since 2004.

“Over that time he has built up strong relationships with members of the local community and demonstrated he is a high quality ophthalmologist.

“We are looking forward to Dr Bailey continuing to provide quality ophthalmology surgery to people in the South East for many years to come.”

Dr Bailey said he was looking forward to continuing to provide ophthalmology services for the people of the South East.

“I have been providing cataract surgery at the Mount Gambier Hospital for the past 11 years, and have helped literally thousands of patients in that time, so I am pleased to continue here as a resident ophthalmologist,” Dr Bailey said.

Ms Graham also took the opportunity to thank ophthalmologists Dr Trevor Hodson and Dr Archie MacKillop for their many years of service in the South East.

“The South East has been very well served over many years by Dr Hodson and Dr MacKillop,” she said.

“I want to thank them for their service and wish them well in the future.”

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