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 Millicent Hospital on-call roster covered by locums:-


Millicent Hospital

by S Lowe for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow
5THE FM has received the following statement from Country Health SA regarding staffing of the on call roster at the Millicent Hospital
Country Health SA, Acting Chief Executive Rebecca Graham said:-
“We have secured locum GP on-call cover to the Millicent Hospital over the next couple of weeks while we continue to work with Medical Millicent Clinic in developing a new service model.
“We will continue to keep the community updated.”
The Medical Clinic Millicent recently released a statement regarding their commitment to the Millicent Hospital on call services roster which said:-
“…with the recent departure of two doctors providing hospital cover and health problems catching up on remaining doctors servicing the hospital, it has become unsustainable to continue to provide on call services to the hospital in the current format.”
“Two local GP’s have offered to continue to provide services to the hospital under their current arrangement, but are unable to cover for the doctors lost from the on call roster.
This offer could provide for a continued engagement between Millicent Medical Clinic and Millicent Hospital – something that CHSA has desired in the past.  It could also provide relief for any other permanent doctor that CHSA might appoint to Millicent hospital – since no doctor will be able to service the hospital 24/7
The Medical Clinic is in ongoing discussions with CHSA in regards to providing other services to Millicent Hospital

Youth Recognition Award nominations open

by Adam Blom for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The Wattle Range Council district has long been home to many talented, passionate and skilful young people who want to make a positive difference in their communities.

 And now, as part of the National Youth Week 2016, the Wattle Range Council has opened their Youth Recognition Award for nominations.

  Wattle Range Council Community Development Officer Sarah Marzec said the council recognises the important and valuable contribution youth make to the community.

“To acknowledge this contribution we invite youth from 12-18 years to nominate and be a part of the awards process,” Sarah said.

 “The awards are designed for young people to be nominated by their families, friends, parents, youth workers, teachers, counsellors, employers and other members of the local community or they can self-nominate for the awards.”

 The presentation night will cover five categories:

 Contributions to the community/Community Involvement Award

This award recognises an individual who has made a positive contribution to the community, has volunteered their time to help others and/or is an active member of the community (such as volunteering with community groups or their school).

 Helping out family and/or friends

Recognising an individual has assisted tirelessly a family or friend in need.

 Learning Success (Continual Improvement)

Recognises an individual who works to continually improve themselves or assists others in learning outcomes.

 Employment achievement (e.g. new initiative, facing a job/ training challenge)

Recognises an individual who has used innovation and ideas that have been recognised by peers.

 Overcoming challenging life situation award

Recognises an individual who has turned a negative situation into a positive. They have had the courage to get through a bad situation and show great resilience and determination. This person is someone who inspires others.

 A presentation night will be held at 6-8pm on Monday, April 11 in the Millicent Civic and Arts Centre and prizes on the night include a certificate and a monitory award for each category winner, as well as promotional bag.

 The nomination forms can be completed online at the council’s website.