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What is WattleRangeNow.com.au?

WattleRangeNow.com.au is the most up-to-date local news service available for residents of the Wattle Range area, and with the prevalence of the internet anyone and everyone can keep their ‘finger on the pulse’ of local news and happenings. Locals who live in towns. Locals who live out of towns. Locals out of the district on holidays. Ex-locals with current family connections. Locals-to-be considering moving to the Wattle Range area.

All of these people, and more, access WattleRangeNow.com.au for their local news fix, and when a breaking story occurs, more and more people are turning to WattleRangeNow.com.au to stay informed. But if you are already a regular visitor to WattleRangeNow.com.au, you most likely already knew all of that!

Why advertise on WattleRangeNow.com.au?

WattleRangeNow.com.au provides relevant content to local readers

While this in itself may be nothing different than what traditional mediums have provided, WattleRangeNow.com.au has distinct advantages over the competition:

  • Breaking stories and fresh content are available to read on WattleRangeNow.com.au within minutes to hours after they occur, not days afterwards;
  • WattleRangeNow.com.au can be accessed from anywhere around the world via an internet connection to receive up-to-date news — printed mediums rely on physical distribution, which in itself can delay receipt of local news by several more days;
  • Anybody can view WattleRangeNow.com.au on their desktop computer or mobile device (phone or tablet), and Followers (or Subscribers) receive immediate email notification when any new stories are published.
  • With connections to social media, more people can be notified of local happenings in an instant, whether they are next door or on the other side of the world.

What does all of this mean for readers?

– Convenience

Why is convenience for readers important to advertising your business? It translates into frequent, targeted exposure that gets your business noticed on a personal level. Your advert on WattleRangeNow.com.au will be frequently and randomly allocated individually to a single article, so your advert isn’t competing with neighbouring advertisers.

And because your advert is always guaranteed to be displayed in the most prominent position — at the top, front-and-centre of any article — your advert’s exposure is second-to-none. This is the same for every computer screen, tablet screen, and phone screen.

– WattleRangeNow.com.au is growing

With WattleRangeNow.com.au really taking off, now is a great time to advertise. As the amount of people reading the website continues to grow, so will the exposure and value of your advert, which will only benefit you and your business.

How can I advertise on WattleRangeNow.com.au?

All adverts, which are custom designed to your instructions, will conform to the same proportions and orientation, as displayed below.

Click on the pic to view the advertising area at full size.

Click on the pic to view the advertising area at full size.

What does it cost to advertise on WattleRangeNow.com.au?

As a special introductory offer WattleRangeNow.com.au is offering advertising for $150.00 inc GST per month until June 30, 2013. This is a limited time offer, with regular advertising prices to be applicable from July 1, 2013. Minimum commitment is one month with no obligation to renew after the month has ended. Take advantage of this great rate today and get your advert noticed across the Wattle Range area 24/7 in full colour on any PC or mobile device!

All pricing is subject to change without notice.

How your advert will be randomly displayed on WattleRangeNow.com.au

WattleRange Now.com.au has an ‘advert pool’ with an optimum number of 15 advert spaces, and a maximum of 20. The actual number of advertisers will fluctuate from time to time, but there will never be more than 20 adverts allocated at any one time. Every time an article is accessed for reading by a viewer, a single advert is randomly allocated to that article. All adverts in the ‘advert pool’ have an equal chance of being randomly displayed with any article. An individual advert cannot be configured to be displayed more frequently, or with any specific article or category.

I’d like to advertise on WattleRangeNow.com.au! What do I do now?

To discuss the advertising opportunities available to you and your business on WattleRangeNow.com.au.

Who is WattleRangeNow.com.au?

WattleRangeNow.com.au is a joint venture between local businesses Radio 5THE-FM. Seeing an opportunity to combine resources and fill a need, WattleRangeNow.com.au was established in February 2013 to provide local news for local people through the combination of two far-reaching and instant-delivery mediums — the internet and over-the-air radio.