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Presiding member of Health Advisory Committee seeks survey support

Glenn Brown

Wattle Range Councilor and Presiding Member of Millicent Health Advisory Committee Glenn Brown

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Presiding Member of Millicent Health Advisory Committee, Mr Glenn Brown stressed the importance of community support for the Health Survey currently being distributed throughout local businesses, on 5THE FM’s morning program last week.  Newly elected to the role, Mr Brown is no stranger to health services having been Chief of Staff at the Millicent Hospital, worked with South East Regional Health  Services, a Board Member of AC-Care and the Milicent Health Advisory Committee. Mr Brown is also a Wattle Range Councilor.

Mr Brown emphasised the importance of the community completing the survey and returning it to the Committee. There are over 12,000 people  living in the Wattle Range council area s per the last census and the committee needs a substantial number of surveys to represent the community, to have any chance of representing the true health needs of the community overall.

The survey will give the Health Advisory Committee a snap shot of services used in Millicent and those that had to be accessed further afield. Mr Brown said this will then give the committee statistics to take to the Minister for Health Mr Jack Snelling in the hope of retaining what is available now and improving or achieving a better overall health system for the region. Mr Brown said he hopes the Committee will be more effective than it has been and is keen to seek an appointment with the Medical Clinic Millicent to work with them to achieve the best possible results in the medical service provided to this community. This, he hopes will help in recruitment and retaining doctors,  as recruiting doctors with the necessary skills needed in the community is hard to do when the services are not in place for them to practice their skills. He used the example of the recent recruitment of an anaethetist who was unable to get theatre lists at the Milicent Hospital. He is hopeful that the Committee may be able to advise the Minister on matters such as this.

Mr Brown spoke to the Premier Jay Weatherill during the recent Country Cabinet visit to Millicent and said he took the opportunity to discuss alternative models of health, being used in other states, that could be considered for Millicent. Mr Brown said the Premier told him he would seek to discuss these with Country Health SA, a matter which he also confirmed on the live Outside Broadcast by 5THE FM at the Civic and Arts Centre on Tuesday 24th November where he attended the Cabinet lunch.

Mr Brown said it was extremely important for people to take the time to fill out the health survey. The deadline has been extended to allow community members to complete the survey and return it to the address on it. Mr Brown said he was unable to speak with the Minister for Health Jack Snelling during the Cabinet visit as the Minister had to return to Adelaide for medical attention for a pre-existing condition, but he hopes to speak with him in the future.

The Health Survey is available from local businesses and 5THE FM 31 Railway Tce Millicent.



Local nursing leader appointed

Country Health SA today announced that Nursing and Midwifery staff and services in the South East region will be overseen by Paul Bullen, who has been appointed to a new leadership role. Mr Bullen, from the Mount Gambier and Penola Hospitals, is one of five new Regional Directors of Nursing and Midwifery appointed across country South Australia this week. Country Health SA Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services, Lyn Olsen, said Mr Bullen will help build strong relationships between hospitals in the South East region.

“The Regional Director of Nursing and Midwifery will provide additional support to our hard working Directors of Nursing and Midwifery and nursing and midwifery teams based at local hospitals,” Ms Olsen said.

“Working alongside the Regional Community Health Manager, Mr Bullen will strengthen the link between hospital, aged and community care on a whole-of-region level, while sharing knowledge to improve how services are delivered for local patients.

“Mr Bullen will remain the Director of Nursing and Midwifery of his current hospitals and be based from there, with additional support offered as he takes on this exciting new role.”

Ms Olsen said this model of clinical governance will provide professional development and mentoring opportunities for country nursing staff and is similar to what is currently in place across Western Australia.

“We have worked closely with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation SA Branch in establishing these roles,” Ms Olsen said.

“This follows detailed discussions held with nursing leaders from Queensland and Western Australia.”

The five successful regional directors were appointed following a recruitment process which was open to all country hospital nursing leaders. They are:

South East – Paul Bullen.

Barossa Hills Fleurieu – Anne Price.

Riverland Mallee Coorong – Karen Hollitt.

Yorke and Northern – Tracy Haynes.

Eyre Flinders and Far North West – Andrew Lane.

The recruitment process for the sixth Regional Director of Nursing and Midwifery, who will oversee the Eyre Flinders and Far North East region, is continuing.

Following a 12 month trial, the Regional Director of Nursing and Midwifery roles will be reviewed by Country Health SA.

Source:- CHSA

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A piece of history trades sea-waves for air-waves

by S Lowe for 5THE FM’s online news wattlerangenow.com.au

5THE FM's outside broadcast studio on show at the Millicent Show for the first time.

5THE FM’s outside broadcast studio on show at the Millicent Show for the first time.

A piece of 5THE FM’s history thought to be on a permanent sea-change until recently, rose like phoenix from the ashes exchanging the crystal clear Rivoli Bay sea waves for the air waves of 5THE FM. Approximately 13 years ago 5THE FM owned a caravan intending to turn it into an Outside Broadcast Van. It took part in several local events including one of the hospital parades through George Street.It then took a sea-change to Rivoli Bay after being sold by a former manager 12 years ago. And that was the end of that it seemed; however it was not to be. Just a few weeks ago it resurfaced,  given to Garners Towing and Garage doomed for wrecking or perhaps smashing at the Millicent Show.

Jim Garner recalled the request from 5THE FM to find them a solid van that could be converted into an Outside Broadcast Van. He offered it to the radio station. 5THE FM accepted Jim’s donation of the van and work began on restoring it. Later that day,  Project Supervisor  Matthew Schultz made an amazing discovery. While sanding back the old paint work, he uncovered the former 5THE FM logo.

The van being restored for use by 5THE FM was the original van owned and sold by 5THE FM 12 years ago. Mr Garner had no idea when he decided to donate the van to the station,  he was returning a valuable piece of history to 107.7. This discovery turned what began as just another project into a labour of love, although not without some frustrations as any renovator would know. With just 4 weeks to complete the project work began in earnest with the occasional delay like the shell of the van dropping to the ground unexpectedly and the removal of the ceiling lining exposing a roof resembling a colander,  not much else could phase the team of committed renovators.


Community interest was captured by the return of this piece of 5THE FM’s history with Brian Foster – Fosters Foodland setting the ball rolling by ordering a set of mags for the van. Brian said he believes wheels make a vehicle and he could not let 5THE FM drive around with the current ones on it in the state they were in.

Dennis Muhovics – Lonergan and Muhovics installed the wiring. Andy Varcoe – Millicent Windows and Doors provided the large glass panel studio window, Telsigns provided the logo sign and the window decal, Millicent Banner Mitre 10 contributed to materials, Millicent Post Forming – the desk and then to complete a fabulous community project Dave Reilly – Dave Reilly’s Panel and Paint took the prepared van to his workshop and worked his magic with a professional paint job matching the all important paint colour to the brief provided. It was then safely locked away in Dave’s shed at the Car Wash to be completed with internal painting and fittings being carried out well into the night by a small dedicated crew.



Showtime arrived and the van was complete with a little time to spare. An extended version of Saturday morning Jukebox, the first from the new van, was hosted by 5THE FM’s Julianne and went well into the afternoon with special guests including Wattle Range Councillor Sharon Cox, David Marshman from the RFDS and 5THE FM’ers featuring on the program.

Ms Cox, a former Miss Tantanoola Show girl,  recalled her most memorable show experiences being the entries of her mothers scones and Aunty Elle’s roses. She has volunteered at the show each year from about the age of 11, beginning at the Tantanoola Show and migrating to the Millicent Show more recently she said.

David Marshman from the Adelaide Hills now volunteers with the Royal Flying Doctor Service; spent 10 years flying with the RFDS after a 30 year flying career formerly with Mission Aviation Fellowship. Mr Marshman said he only had one airborne birth in that time.  The RFDS provided 560 flights for regional patients last year sometimes with more than one patient at a time. Fund raising for a new Jet is now in earnest to provide faster travel and the ability to carry  additional patients on each flight. He stressed the necessity of the RFDS in regional areas.

Des Noll made a special visit to the 107.7 site to see the finished product saying. “It’s inspirational, it just shows that with the right people supervising these WFD Activities, they can be successful and this one has been very successful. It’s a credit to you all.”

Long time volunteer of 5THE FM Accountant John McLoughlin and his wife Doriana thought the finished product was nothing short of amazing having seen the state of the van just days earlier.



During the restoration process others lent a hand with Kym Warneke and Millicent Post Forming loaning staple guns and staples to complete the job on time, mates lent a hand with Daniel joining Matthew on the final Sunday to restore the roof. Ralph provided some materials, and Greg a days labour.  Beaurepaires provided  a jack and customised  hub covers. Stewie and Rosie Pounsett provided a lock and ordered a hatch cover.

Manager Sheryl Lowe said “It has been a very exciting and satisfying project with such community support it became a real community project. The team were committed and worked hard to complete the van and the result is outstanding The reception by the public at the show was excellent and we are all looking forward to being out in the community with the new mobile studio.”

” On behalf of 5THE FM we sincerely thank the sponsors for their generosity in making this project so successful and our new asset one to be proud of. We are  grateful to everyone who helped make a long held dream, a reality. Having an Outside Broadcast Van will give 5THE FM a greater presence in the community and give the community a greater involvement in the station”

5THE FM plan to use the van to broadcast from public venues between now and Christmas and will be available to broadcast from sporting and community events in the future.