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Summer Mixed 8-Ball Grand Final

8 ball

Submitted by Lu McInnes

So we’ve come to the Grand Final of the Summer Mixed 8-Ball Season.  Our Grand Finalists ended up being the top two teams of the minor round season. The Club Wana B’s and The Club Game On Moles.  The Grand final will be held at the Community Club starting at 7.30pm on Thursday.

Last week saw a magic evening with Becky’s Ball breakers being a formidable opponent to Game On and certainly gave them a run for their money. This team was a first year team to the Summer Competition and can certainly hold their heads up high. The Final score was 5-3. Best of luck to both Grand Final teams, but please remember Umpires are required.

Mixed Summer 8-ball Results

8 ball


submitted by Lu McInnes


1st Semi Final

Thursday night, 6th March, saw Becky’s Ballbreakers have a victory over the Sommery Suns with a 5-4 win.

The evening was a pleasant time and the games required all the players to use all there guiles to take the evening to the last game.

Next week Club Wanna B’s will take on Club Game On at the Somerset, please remember we always need umpires.


8 ball

Submitted by Lu McInnes
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5THEFMWattleRangeNowsportonline

Results & ladder after Thursday 20th February 2014


Sommery Suns defeated Club Bruisers                       5-4

Becky’s Ballbreakers defeated Club Game On           5.4

Club Wanna B’s defeated Grand Pooh Baas              6-3


Wanna B’s                            24                   61.11%

Game On                              20                   61.90%

Beckys Ballbreakers            18                   60.31%

Suns                                      14                    52.38%

Bruisers                                 8                     66.78%

Pooh Baas                             0                     21.42%


Next Thursday is the last Minor round game for the season  and the first Semi final a week after. The Final four has been decided with this weeks’ games.

So this is the way the games play with Wanna B’s v Game On, Bruisers v Pooh Baas and Suns take on Becky’s Ballbreakers. Best of luck to you all.