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Member for Barker says public campaign gets results

img_TonyPasinProfileTony Pasin Member for Barker

Member for Barker, Tony Pasin announced earlier this week, according to sources, he believed  State Forestry Minister Leon Bignell was about to make a statement about the allocation of funds from the South East Forestry Partnerships Program and he was pleased to see that the Public Campaign he led, had achieved results.

Mr Pasin said:-

State Forestry Minister Leon Bignell is set to cave in over the allocation of funds from the South East Forestry Partnerships Program, following a high profile public campaign by the Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin.


“I understand from sources that Minister Bignell has changed his plans and will now be making some announcements in an attempt to appease the concerns of the local community over the delay in finalising this program. Sadly it appears this will fall short of what is required,” Mr Pasin said.


“Anything less than the full allocation of funds and the interest earned, possibly a total approaching $13 million, whilst the decision has been delayed, will be a fail for Minister Bignell.”

“Obviously I am pleased the hard work we have put in to pressure the State Government to finally take some action appears to have caused this cave in, I will be disappointed if there are yet further delays with either a third round or a lack of clarity around the interest – as appears to be the case.”


The State Labor Government announced the sale of the forests on 19 December 2008 and 2,212 days later the $27 million industry assistance that was promised as part of that sale is yet to be fully reinvested in the South East – with over $10 million still uncommitted plus the interest earned on that money.


“The South East is sick and tired of Labor’s contempt for our region.”


“Disturbingly none of the available documentation indicates when the Minister is likely to make a decision. We have not been told how many Applications there might have been or what the value of those Applications is.”


“Meanwhile the State Labor Government continues earning interest on the funds, believed to be approaching $2 million, intended for the South East.”

“If the Minister’s announcement does fall short of what I and the community expects, as appears likely, we will continue the fight to get the funds that were promised for South East delivered.”

Today, Tuesday) Minister Leon Bignell announced $4.5 million would be injected into the South East forestry industry.

Mr Bignell said:-

“The State Government will inject $4.5 million into the South East forestry industry to generate more investment and jobs.”

His office said, Forests Minister Leon Bignell has visited the South East to make the announcement, and said the funding was being offered to four companies through Phase Two of the South East Forestry Partnerships Program, and will contribute to projects worth more than $20 million.

“The program was created to help the forest and forest products industry to recovery by encouraging further investment in new and existing businesses,” he said.

“Phase One of the program saw the joint investment of $34 million in the forest processing sector in the South East, with $15.38 million in State Government grants awarded to successful applicants.”

“The four Phase Two grants are consistent with the recommendations outlined in the Stage Two report from the Cellulose Fibre Value Chain Study, and will support further value adding along the timber supply chain.

“It will also support innovation and the introduction of new technologies.”

The successful Phase Two applicants are required to enter into a funding agreement with the State Government. They had to match government funding on a dollar for dollar basis, payable upon achievement of key milestones as defined in the funding agreement.”

“However, most will be contributing to projects at a higher rate than just matching the State Government’s contribution.”

Minister Bignell said a further $7.1 million was available to fund similar projects, and a third phase of SEFPP grants will open around March.

“It is imperative taxpayers’ money is spent on projects that will make a real difference for the South East – projects that maintain jobs and allow the forestry industry to grow,” he said.

“The further $7.1 million funding will support projects that meet the criteria of the Cellulose Fibre Value Chain Study, and an industry seminar will take place soon to help the industry prepare viable proposals in a subsequent call for new projects.”

Minister Bignell said the South East forestry region was a world-class timber resource and the Forest and Wood Products Industry is an integral part of South Australia’s economy.

Tony Pasin Member for Barker                                                                 Minister for State Forestry Leon Bignell



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Bonuses for youth employment


Member for Barker Tony Pasin


Member for Barker, Tony Pasin, said the Australian Government’s Job Commitment Bonus encourages long-term unemployed young people to find a job and keep it.

Tony Pasin, said eligible young job seekers, who have been on Newstart or Youth Allowance (as a job seeker) for 12 months, can receive an incentive payment of $6500 if they get a job and stay off welfare for 24 months.

 “The Job Commitment Bonus provides long-term unemployed young Australians with a real incentive to get into paid work,” Mr Pasin said.

 “We understand there are barriers to finding and keeping a job but we want to reward those young job seekers who find work and stick with it.”

 Young job seekers, aged 18 to 30, who have been on Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance (other) for at least the preceding 12 months can  receive $2500 if they get a job, remain in continuous work and off income support for 12 months.

 These same job seekers are eligible for an additional $4000 if they remain in continuous work and off income support for a further 12 months — that is, 24 months in total.

 The Job Commitment Bonus is one of four initiatives that reinforces the Coalition Government’s commitment to boosting employment across Australia. Other programmes include Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job, Work for the Dole, and Restart.

 Mr Pasin said the Coalition believes the best form of welfare is a job and these incentives will help to get more young job seekers off welfare and into work.

 “The Job Commitment Bonus is part of the Australian Government’s plan to boost workforce participation and productivity in Australia,” Mr Pasin said.

 “I would like to see young job seekers in my electorate of Barker take advantage of this initiative.”

 Information about eligibility and claim requirements is available from the Department of Human Services.

 For further information visit: http://employment.gov.au/news/job-commitment-bonus-young-australians

Source: Tony Pasin Federal Member for Barker


Businesses cash support available for job seekers








Businesses Cash support available for job seekers who move to take up work

Up to $9,000 in financial assistance is now available for eligible long-term unemployed job seekers and their families to relocate to a new job.

 Member for Barker, Tony Pasin, said that this would help jobseekers to move to take up a job offer.

“The Coalition Government recognises that some job-seekers may need to relocate to take up a job opportunity and that removal costs can be prohibitive,” said Mr Pasin

Mr Pasin said the programme assists individuals with the considerable costs of moving.

Up to $6000 is available to eligible job seekers if they move to a regional area to take up a job. Job seekers with dependent children could also be provided with an extra $3000 to help cover additional relocation costs.

Relocation assistance is available to long-term unemployed job seekers who have been receiving Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or the Parenting Payment for 12 months or more.

“This programme offers a strong incentive to job seekers to lift their gaze and look further afield to opportunities beyond where they live.

“This is an important part of the Government’s Economic Action Strategy that will build a strong and prosperous economy, where every Australian can share in the benefits.”

Relocation Assistance is one of a suite of initiatives that reinforce the Government’s commitment to get more people into the workforce. Other programmes include Work for the Dole, the Job Commitment Bonus for young job seekers and Restart—a programme to support mature-age employment.

Job seekers interested in Relocation Assistance are encouraged to speak with their Job Services Australia or Disability Employment Services provider.

For further information visit: http://employment.gov.au/news/relocation-assistance-take-job-programme